You Sexy Mother Pucker*

If there's one thing Soap and Glory have absolutely nailed, it's their branding. There's just something so wonderfully kitsch about the tongue in cheek play on the 1940's housewife theme, their packaging is always so cute, and they have really successfully marketed themselves into a completely unique skincare platform. For a number of years, they have been one of my favourite beauty brands and these products go to show that they are still very much on top of their game.

I had such a lovely surprise a few weeks ago. I had come home from one of my last days in uni before breaking up for the Christmas holidays (hooray for whoever invented January exams... literally the most effective way to ensure your Christmas holidays are completely ruined with stress), I was incredibly worn down, having been working for hours on end to get my big coursework deadlines submitted in time, and a few days at home was exactly what I needed. I had been home for an hour or so, when the postman arrived with a big box- not unusual given my mum's online shopping habit is only marginally better than my own- but the surprise came when the name on the parcel was mine... Initially I was struck with a weird panic thinking my shopping addiction had got to the point where I had started ordering things online and then actually manage to completely forget all about them... as far as I was aware I wasn't expecting any parcels at all (a rare occurrence). I opened the parcel to find a lovely note from the girls at Soap and Glory, and these gorgeous sets of products. Well done Soap and Glory, sending me surprise gifts only gives me more reasons to love you.

I remember being about 15 and discovering 'Sexy Mother Pucker' for the first time... it was Soap and Glory's 'lip plumping' lip gloss, it gave you the oddest tingly sensation before plumping your lips to rival Kylie Jenner's instagram pout. As well as being an amazing product, we had hours of fun seeing how much we could withstand before the tingle became too much, so when opening these new lip crayons from the same range I felt so weirdly nostalgic and couldn't wait to try them. The colours are so lovely; a pale almost nude pink, a more 'rosy' pink, and a deeper plumby-pink colour (my fave).

I am a frequent purchaser of 'Butter Yourself'. It is a lovely, thick body moisturiser/ body butter that I have been an avid user of for many years. However, being a creature of habit, I have never tried any of the other body butters offered by Soap and Glory. 'Sugar Crush' smells absolutely incredible, and I think it may be a contender for my new favourite! It shares a very similar consistency with Butter Yourself, but of smells like a sugary cocktail and makes me feel all summery, which is perfect as I am not a lover of these cold days and dark winter nights.

Thank you Soap and Glory for such a lovely present!