Sanctuary Spa Essentials

Winter is my favourite season. I love the dark evenings, crisp mornings and snuggly jumpers. My favourite thing to do in winter is come straight home from uni, get all snuggled up into my pjs and curl up in bed with some good magazines, a book and Netflix, accompanied by my chocolate of choice (currently smarties, but I'm quite partial to some giant chocolate buttons too!). The only thing that would make my winter nights better would be 1. If I was at home so I could have a nice long soak in the bath every night and 2. If the harsh Manchester wind didn't dry out my skin and leave me looking scaly and dry.

These Sanctuary products (available from Boots or Debenhams) are perfect for combatting that winter skin and keeping flaky, dry skin at bay! I gave three different products from the range a try, starting with the body scrub to exfoliate all the built up dead skin. This exfoliator is fairly rough in texture, but this is a quality that I like in an exfoliator. To be, the rougher the texture, the more skin cells it will remove, meaning smoother skin in the long run! Although it is not the most pleasant experience rubbing it into your skin, once washed off it leaves you feeling much smoother! 

The second product is the Sanctuary Luxury Bath Float- a citrusy smelling product which forms gigantic bubbles in your bath. In terms of the bubble production, this product is excellent, it is makes your bath seem a bit like that massive bath in the prefects bathroom of Harry Potter (sorry for those of you who aren't Harry Potter fans, I couldn't resist slipping that reference in!) However, in terms of my likelihood to repurchase this product I would place it quite low. Yes, the bubbles are lovely and the smell is relaxing, but I have so many other 'go-to' bath time products which I just prefer... Unfortunately I'm a bit biased when it comes to bath time, and it's incredibly hard for any product to compete with my lasting favourites.

The final product is the Body Wash. The wash has an almost identical scent to the bath float, however I'd prefer to bathe in the scent than wash myself with it. The texture and consistency of the product is lovely, however, I prefer body washes that just leave a very 'clean' and fresh smell behind, rather than a heavily perfumed smell. However, if you're really keen on citrus/ orange scents then this product will be perfect for you!

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