M.A.C. Lightful Cleanser

Anyone who has ever read my blog will know about me and my 'shaky' relationship with makeup removers. Basically, I am probably the worst beauty blogger in the world when it comes to skin care- taking my clear skin and lack of spots for granted, I often switch around cleaners... on a bad day I will simply use a makeup wipe.... and on a REALLY bad day I will sleep in my makeup and wake up in the morning looking and feeling like a member of the Adaams Family.

However, I am proud to say that I am officially a changed woman! After years and months of trying out and hating most of the make up removers I have come across, I have finally found one that I not only like, but actually look forward to using! I think I'd been making the mistake of going to skin care brands to find my make up removers and cleansers.... Logically, it makes sense, they are companies who's sole purpose is to create products to help clean and care for our skin. However, I feel like these products either never fully took all my make up off, or were aimed at more mature skin, spot prone skin, greasy skin etc. Where was the product for someone like me?!

It was at this point when I have the revelation of looking to a makeup brand. It made sense, but somehow I'd never really thought of it before. When putting M.A.C. BB cream on my face every day, what better way to take it off than with a M.A.C. cleanser, specially designed to remove M.A.C. products. So I took the plunge, splurged £20, and a month down the line I haven't looked back.

The product is incredibly easy to apply, you simply dispense the desired amount onto wet hands, work into a lather and then rub all over your face before washing off. Quick, easy, simple. (i.e. no excuses to not take my make up off anymore!). I can honestly say that for the first time in a long time, my face feels properly clean. I could not recommend this product enough for anyone who like me wants a quick and easy skin care routine that really works!

Leave your lovely comments below and let me know if you've tried this product or what recommendations you have! Also I am currently on the hunt for pretty much a whole new set of make up, as I am becoming incredibly bored with the products I am currently using! Recommendations would be great please!