Gluten Free Treats with Udi's*

As a student, it can be hard enough learning how to cook, food shop and look after yourself. It is even harder when you live with allergies which really restrict your ability to buy the cheapest food or 'meal share' with your flatmates. I know this struggle all too well, as I suffer from allergies to wheat, potato, banana, msg and artificial sweeteners. However, then I stumbled across 'Udi's'- a company who strive to create the tastiest gluten free food on the market, and even have a whole section of their website dedicated to living as a student with allergies.

The company offer such a wide range of products including sweet and savoury, and everything they sent to me was absolutely delicious! The sun dried tomato bagels with cream cheese and spinach were so filling and flavoursome I could have eaten all four in one go. 

In the past I have found that a lot of gluten free alternatives have a tendency to be dry and very stodgy, but with the Udi's products the opposite appeared to be true! For me, the blueberry muffins were the biggest surprise- they were so moist and tasted no different to a standard wheat filled muffin! 

When I first found out about my allergy to wheat I was incredibly down and found food too much of a chore to be able to enjoy. However, now I have found Udi's this problem has completely gone and I am just so excited to try out more of their products!