Let's Get Naked- Detox Bath Salts from the Bathory*

Baths are my absolute favourite things in the whole world *cough* blog header *cough*. If I could (and trust me, when I'm at home, I do) I would have a bath every single day. I think my all time record is three baths in one day. Whenever I express to anyone my love of baths, I am always bombarded with 'but don't just just get wrinkly?!' and 'don't you hate it when the water turns cold?!' The answer is no. I would literally work, blog, watch TV, and even sleep from the bath if I could!

Therefore, when I heard about "The Bathory", I was beyond excited. This company is without a doubt my new favourite bath time/ cosmetic company. Right from ordering your product, the experience is engaging and exciting, and ever since placing my order with them last week, I have been beyond excited about receiving my gift! The process is fairy simple (but incredibly fun!), the first task is to choose the base to your product- you can either "Bask" in a mineral rich salt formula, "Soothe" your skin with hydrating oatmeal and honey, or, like me, choose to "detox" with epsom salts and rhassoul clay.  I visited Iceland back in April and absolutely fell in love with the relaxing hot springs, in which you can find this same clay in its natural habitat. Although the views may not be as spectacular from my bath, I was so excited to recreate this relaxation in my own home.

The next step was my favourite part of the process: the oil selection. The Bathory offer ten different oils, all with different benefits, and you select three of them to add to your salts. I chose Chamomile for relaxation, Lavender to aid my sleep and Grapefruit- "the inspiring one" (but mainly because I LOVE the smell of grapefruit). As soon as I got home from work, I ran a bath and poured in around 1/4 of the bath salts (I plan to try and get three uses out of the product, two 'quick fixes' and one 'full benefits'). Although the bottle suggests that using the entire product in one go will ensure the best bath of your life, I wanted to experience the benefits more than once. Even with a 'quick fix' amount, this was one of the most relaxing experiences of my life! On a good day, I can lie in the bath with a book or magazine for well over an hour. With these salts, I could probably easily make it to two (slight exaggeration, my bath was probably around 70 minutes, but if I wasn't so keen to watch the Great British Bake Off, I could have easily stayed in there much longer!) The smell was divine, and my muscles just seemed to relax into the soak. 

Recently, I have been feeling quite tired and run down, probably a result of working long hours at numerous internships over the summer, and continuously waking up at 5.30a.m. no matter what time I go to sleep. However, I woke up this morning at 6.45- a huge improvement for me, and feel more relaxed than I have in a long time! In fact, I loved this product so much that as soon as I finish work tonight I will be running another hot bath and pouring in at least half of the bottle for another good soak! 

Leave your lovely comments below and let me know if you're thinking of trying these products out/ what concoction you would make. Also, as you may know, my blog has been shortlisted to win 'Best New Beauty Blog' in the Cosmo Blog awards. Voting closes next Friday, and I'd really appreciate it if you would follow THIS LINK and vote for "Amyelizabethfashion".