Fitwear Fashion With South Beach and Ilu Fitwear*

I'm Wearing; 
Outfit 1: Pink Hoodie, Republic, £15; Leggings, Ilu Fitwear, £35.99; Trainers, Reebok, £35; 
Outfit 2: Gym Shorts, South Beach, £18; 
Outfit 3: Jumper, River Island, £25; Shorts, Primark, £3

I'm not the type of person that would class myself as a "gym bunny" and anyone that knows me will tell you I'm definitely not a particularly athletic person by any stretch of the imagination... however, I am partial a good Zumba class and try to go swimming as often as I can (even if I end up sitting in the sauna for the majority of my visit). 

One thing I can relate to when it comes to the gym, however, is trendy gym wear, so when I was contacted by Ilu Fitwear regarding writing a blog post about how I style my gym wear on a day to day basis, I actually couldn't wait for my gift to arrive! (I don't think I've ever been as excited about something sport/ exercise related in a long time). At weekends you will always find me relaxing in my natural habitat... i.e. styling one of my velour tracksuits (faves being Victoria's Secret PINK and South Beach), surrounded by magazines, watching something on Netflix and reading my favourite blogs. I own countless fluffy jumpers, pairs of leggings and hoodies that I love chilling out in, and I love the new fashion cross over between gym wear and lounge wear. Therefore in this post I have tried to style out my gym clothes, whilst mixing in some of the clothes that I relax in every day, showing how the two can be styled together.

The leggings from Ilu Fitwear, and the shorts from South Beach are both designed for gym wear, however they are both so incredibly comfortable and I will definitely be wearing both of a night time when relaxing in front of the telly. Likewise, the River Island jumper and Primark shorts can "casual up" any sports wear look, and mixing and matching the gym wear with the retro lounge wear style can create a fab 80's aerobics style trend.

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