Ponds Essential Care*

I have always been pretty lucky when it comes to my skin in that I have never really suffered from breakouts, spots or blackheads. However, over recent months I have gone through periods of stress, insomnia and anaemia, leading to me feeling tired and lacking in sleep. The result of this has meant that for the first time I have had growing concerns over the condition of my skin, as it has felt dryer and I have begun to notice dark circles appearing under my eyes. 

I have also always been incredibly selective about the products that I use to put on my face, but it almost felt like my skin had grown accustomed to the products I have been using and they no longer seem to have the same effect so I felt like it was time for a change. Therefore I was incredibly excited to be contacted by "Pond's Institute" about trying some of their skin care products, and specifically requested their Eye Contour cream to try and restore my skin to its former state. Along with the eye cream I was also sent the "Essential Care" cream. Having used these products for a little under a week now I am already quite impressed. The eye cream is of a light consistency and instantly makes your under-eye area feel hydrated and moisturised after application. I have also noticed that my eyelashes seem thicker and stronger, something other users of the product have commented on too, so that is a fantastic bonus side effect of using this product! Although I still swear by my Benefit "Fake Up" concealer for hydrating and covering any dark circles during the day time, this eye contour cream works hand in hand and helps me to feel more awake whilst smoothing out my skin, making make up application so much easier.

As much as I would rave about the eye cream, I have mixed feelings about the essential care cream. The consistency is luscious, thick and creamy and really does seem to hydrate, however, I am not a fan of the smell as I find it quite strong and overpowering. Smell aside, the product quality itself is excellent and it really does do its job, so it's just a matter of whether or not you are willing to deal with the smell (which may be to your taste, it just isn't to mine!) 

All in all I do think both these products are great, especially considering the considerably cheaper price tag to my usual skincare products. The eye cream retails at £7.99, and the essential care cleanser at £4.57 and can be purchased in most Boots stores or on their website.

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