Hawaiian Tropic

At the end of May I attended a fab blogging event by South Beach Swim at a bar in Manchester, and besides from being a fantastic event where I met so many other lovely Manchester based bloggers, we also received amazing goodie bags at the end, full to the brim of really cool summertime beauty products and accessories. One of the products in my goodie bag was this Hawaiian Tropic Factor 50 Silk Hydration Sun Tan Lotion, and ever since the event I have been dying to take the product on holiday with me to test it out!

I have naturally fairly fair skin, however I do love sitting in the sun all day, and love getting a good natural tan when I'm on holiday, however I am extremely cautious about the dangers of skin cancer and am always keen to ensure that I am wearing a high factor of suntan cream and try to keep my face in the shade as much as possible. Therefore, I was delighted to try this silky smooth really high factor of sun tan cream in Majorca recently. Normally, I am not a huge fan of cream sun tan lotions, favouring the quick dry spray options instead as I usually find these less greasy and much easier to apply- (I have experienced the sand and sticky sun tan lotion combo enough to last me a lifetime)- however the fact Hawaiian Tropic actually doubles up as a moisturiser means that it bypasses the sticky stage, dries quickly, and actually helps to build a better tan whilst ensuring that you will not get burnt!

I didn't really think I would feel quite so strongly opinionated about a sun tan lotion, however I cannot recommend this product enough! When you apply it it feels no different than applying a rich moisturiser, leaving your skin feeling instantly hydrated and glowing. The lotion itself is slightly pigmented, meaning that after application you already look like you are well on your way to a healthy glow! The product is waterproof too, meaning that even on the day when I visited a waterpark I managed to remain in the sun and in and out of water all day long without getting burnt.

The best advantage of this product is that due to its moisturising properties, it actually helps your tan stay for longer and prevents peeling, meaning that in the long run using this suntan cream will actually give you a much better tan than going into the sun unprotected, with the added bonus that you know you are fully protected from its harmful rays.

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