"Criminally Easy" They're Real Push Up Liner

Morning lovelies! Firstly I would like to say that I am already so overwhelmed with all your support and lovely messages about my shortlisting in the Cosmo Blog Awards! Right now I'm sitting in beautiful Majorca so I am pretty much on cloud nine!

As we have all established, I am a huge fan of Benefit makeup, especially their eye makeup. I have been using the "They're Real" mascara since its launch, and I am yet to find a mascara which even comes close to rivalling it. Therefore, when the much anticipated matching "criminally easy push up eye liner" was launched I could not wait to get my hands on it! Personally, I have never really ever found a liquid or gel style eyeliner that I have enjoyed using, and I always find myself reverting back to a traditional cheap drugstore eyeliner pencil. However, the Benefit eyeliner is completely different from these other gel eyeliners to apply, as it comes equipped with a specially shaped lash hugging rubber nip, which means it is so much easier to keep your hand steady whilst applying the product. The box suggests twisting the eyeliner once before applying along the lash line, however I personally feel like two twists will ensure a more consistent and even application.

The only negative I would state about this product is that it is incredibly quick drying, and although this helps to ensure the product stays put all day and doesn't smudge upon application, it does mean that you need to apply the product incredibly quickly and act fast once you have twisted the liner in order to release the product. I find that if you don't work quickly it becomes much harder to smoothly apply the product to the lash line.

Quick drying aside, the intensity of the black colour is amazing and I can definitely see myself growing to love this product once I have fully got to grips with how much to apply and how quick to work. The eyeliner itself is priced at £18.50 which is quite pricey compared to the £3.99 drugstore pencils you can pick up, but the innovative application technique really is worth the money, and it does seem like the product will last a very long time.

Leave your comments below and let me know what you think of this product if you'd tried it or if you're considering it, and make sure you let me know if you vote for me in the cosmo blog awards!