A Week of Instagram #14

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Starting from top left:
1. Sunny London lunch-hours with my beautiful friend Emma
2. The view from my flat in Kentish Town
3. The breakfast Club in Hoxton
4. My friend Olivia by the Thames
5. Emma taking a snap of me and Jonny
6. Me and the gorgeous Emma and Liv in London
7. A photo previewing my last blog post
8. My gorgeous little good luck for London / well done in exams present off my boyfriend!
9. Me rocking the Ozzy Osbourne style sunglasses back in the day!

Wow, this week has been a busy one! But a very very exciting and rewarding one too!! Since I last did one of these posts, I've finished all my uni exams (such a relief!!) and relocated myself to London for a month long placement as a Fashion Buyer at the House of Fraser head office! So here I am, one week into placement, extremely tired after leaving my flat at 7.45 every morning and arriving back at 6.45 at night, but having an absolute whale of a time!! 

The weather this week has been gorgeous too... in fact as I sit writing this it is still 25 degrees in London! At half seven at night! I'm really hoping this weather lasts for the weekend because I finally have some free time to go and explore London while I'm not working and it'd be just my luck that it decides to rain tomorrow!

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