Hello lovelies... I feel as though I must start this post with an apology as it has been almost a week since I last blogged, which is a very rare occurrence for me! However, I have been extremely busy with exams and sorting out accommodation for when I move to London in 9 days for my placement (aaahhh I'm so excited!!!!)

Last night I had one of the best nights I've had in a long time! I attended South Beach Official's blogger event #SouthBeachSummer, held in Lola's bar in the Northern Quarter in Manchester. The event kicked off at six, where we were greeted with the news that we could help our selves to as many free cocktails off their specially designed cocktail list as we wished (knowledge that instantly made me regret my decision to drive to the event). Nevertheless I opted for the Virgin non-alcoholic cocktail, which was a fruity, refreshing icy concoction that was one of the most delicious things I have tasted in a long while, and it just looked so pretty! (Little did I know that the presentation of the drinks would be nothing in comparison with the unbelievable cake heaven which was provided in the room next door!)

The event was a chance for South Beach to showcase their Summer range to us bloggers, and the fashion certainly did not disappoint! The range included some of the nicest bikinis I have ever laid eyes on, and I absolutely fell in love with all their super cool rucksacks, perfect for taking with you if you're off on your travels this summer! The adjacent room to the main bar contained even more treats as we were all treated to a free OPI manicure from the lovely ladies at Skin Health Spa. I opted for a bright pink colour to add a flash of summery colour to my monochrome outfit. At the back of the room was what can only be described as actual heaven on earth in the form of the most incredible cakes I have ever laid eyes on. Unfortunately for me this was a "look but don't touch" scenario due to my wheat allergy, but I have never wanted to self-induce an allergic reaction more in my life!!

There was also a super fun "photo-booth" style area with a backdrop and props, and who doesn't love a pair of novelty sunglasses after a few cocktails?! Not only was the event itself a fantastic taste of what summer has in store, but I also got to meet loads of other fabulous Manchester based bloggers, including Abi of Kemples, Emma of MissPond, Ebony of Meticulously Organised Chaos and Beckie of BeckieRackham so make sure you check them out too!

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