A Week of Instagram #11

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Starting from top left:
1. A photo I took from bed this morning- green tea, blogging and my gorgeous view
2. Chicken salad on a dinner date with my friend on Friday night
3. Amazing nakd bars! My new favourite wheat free snack
4. A collage of all the incredible things I've done over the Easter holidays
5. Wheat free granola and yoghurt
6. A gorgeous Chicken salad in Bella Italia with my boyfriend
7. A shot from my cousins wedding
8. A picture of me and my beautiful mummy!
9. Some backstage shots from my modelling day

Morning lovelies!! What an absolutely beautiful Sunday morning we're having here in Manchester! I just can't get over how amazing the weather has been recently, and fingers crossed it remains lovely throughout summer- but knowing our luck it will start raining as soon as my exams are over and I actually have freedom back in my life!! 

This was a very mixed week for me! Firstly, I found out that I have been accepted onto a month long placement as a fashion buyer at the House of Fraser head office in London, which was some lovely welcome news after finding out that along with my preexisting allergies to monosodium glutamate and artificial sweeteners, I am also allergic to wheat, potatoes and bananas, so I have had to have a huge diet overhaul (which explains why my instagram is so food related this week!)

On Easter Sunday, me and my family drove over to Sheffield for my cousins wedding which was such a lovely day and after my very long and unsuccessful hunt for a dress (read my ootd post HERE), the dress I finally chose was perfect and I had such a great Easter weekend. (Plus there was the added bonus that lent was finally over and I could indulge in the absolute heaven than is chocolate again!!)

Overall my Easter holidays have been incredible and it makes me sad to think they're over and exams are just around the corner, but I have lots of exciting prospects and holidays lined up so fingers crossed the summer months will be just as amazing.

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