A Week of Instragram #9

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Starting from top left:
1. The countdown to the 4 amazing holidays I have booked!
2. Me and my lovely flatmate Emma on her 21st birthday night out
3. A lovely quotation
4. My girlies
5. Another gorgeous natural picture of me and Emma
6. The view from my flat at night in the fog

I feel like I am constantly apologising to you guys recently, but here comes another one... I am once again so sorry for not keeping up my promise to try and blog every day this week... it has been a poor effort on my behalf, however I do have (a bit of an) excuse, as I have been taking antibiotics that my body just do not agree with at all! So I have been so incredibly ill for most of the week! However, before I started taking them I had a lovely lovely lovely chilled night out in the Northern Quarter for my beautiful flatmate Emma's 21st birthday! It was such a lovely evening, it's nice when most of us manage to get together because everyone seems so busy it's so hard to get everyone in the same place at the same time!

The first picture excites me soooo much!! I fly off to Iceland with my boyfriend on Friday (so once again I will be a bit lacking on the blog posts when I'm away), but I am so excited as neither of us have ever been before, and it will be lovely to get away for a few days and enjoy some new culture and scenery! Yesterday, we also booked our flights to Dubai for September, to go and stay with Emma and her lovely family... so there's lots to look forward to and only the small matter of three horrendous university exams and two more pieces of coursework to hand in before I can fully relax and enjoy it!

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