Soap and Glory Sit Tight 4-D

So I've been lusting over the Soap and Glory "Sit Tight" product for a very long time, but now I am incredibly happy that I didn't invest, as they have just launched the new and improved "Sit Tight Super intense 4-D" product, and as soon as I heard about it I rushed to boots to buy mine! The product promises to produce firmer skin in 14 days, and only 4 days in to my use of the product twice daily, I am experiencing incredible results!

Soap and Glory market this product as being a "super-intense sit-optimised firming serum", with skin firming, skin smoothing and stimulating properties and ingredients that promise to help banish cellulite and leave skin feeling firmer and smoother. The packaging itself (like all Soap and Glory products), is gorgeous, and the product is so easy to apply, with the help of the innovate ergonomic tri-ball application. 

You simply take off the lid, turn the nozzle to the "on" position and press down on the desired area until the serum starts to come out. You then move the product all around the desired area until it has had a good covering of the product. The bottle itself warns that there may be a feeling of heat to the area, and although I did not experience this, I did have an initial itchy and burning sensation that I wasn't particularly fond of. However, this wore off after 3 seconds or so, and my skin felt instantly tighter. After having used the product twice a day for a number of days, I no longer feel any discomfort and am definitely noticing some fantastic results!

I started by using this product on my stomach, and after two days of success I have now moved on to my upper thighs too. Priced at £18.00 from boots, and sold in part of their "3 for 2" promotion, you really can't dispute the product and I can not recommend it enough, especially as we head towards bikini season! 

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