Catch Ups, Apologies and a Week of Instagram #10

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Starting from top left:
1. A photograph of me in the blue lagoon in Iceland
2. A beautiful scenic shot of the sea in Reykjavik 
3. Breakfast heart shaped waffles
4. The incredible northern lights
5. Another scenic shot of me in Iceland
6. Absolutely loving life in the blue lagoon
7. A natural shot of me in a bar in Iceland
8. Reykjavik hand holding love
9. The flowers I bought for my mum for looking after me while I have been ill

WOW! What a week! I literally do not have the words to explain how incredible this week has been. I finally recovered from my horrible illness, just in time to jet off to Iceland with my boyfriend for four days (which also explains the lack of blogging, which I am once again extremely sorry about!). It was a bit of a spur of the moment decision that we chose Iceland when booking a holiday, but we both decided that we wanted to visit somewhere neither of us had been before, and after doing a bit of googling we both agreed that Iceland looked incredibly beautiful and it would be an amazing once in a life time experience to visit for ourselves!

We were extremely lucky when we were there, not only was our hotel in a fantastic location right opposite the cathedral in the centre of the main street in Reykjavik, but we were also lucky enough to view the northern lights- an experience I certainly will not be forgetting any time soon! We also visited the blue lagoon, which is a 40 degree natural hot spring surrounded by mountains and lava fields, and it is just the most amazing luxurious experience to bathe in the hot water with a natural mud mask on while it snows all around you!

On our last day, we went on a whale watching trip which was fantastic, we saw two humpback whales, two miki whales along with lots of dolphins and porpoise. It was just another incredible experience to top off an absolutely amazing holiday! Unfortunately it's now back to reality and the massive pile of coursework and revision that I left behind in England needs to be addressed!

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