M.A.C. Syrup Lustre Lipstick

Hello again! I'm posting extremely early again today, but the birds are tweeting and the sky is a beautiful shade of pink so life is good! Plus it's my birthday tomorrow, how exciting! I'm slightly depressed at the fact that I will never again wake up as a teenager though! I have been doing quite a few OOTD posts recently after lots of requests, and I have a few more of those in the pipeline, but today I'm going to review this fabulous M.A.C. lustre lipstick in syrup that I recently purchased.

For a while now I have been lusting over a purple lipstick, but I am just not brave enough to actually buy and wear one! I usually wear nude lipstick or my beautiful bright pink No7 lipstick (read a review here), but last week I decided to make a baby step towards buying my so lusted after purple lipstick, by buying this subtle plumby-nude colour from M.A.C. The lipstick has a sheer finish, leaving your lips looking dewey and moisturised, and contains mauve undertones which help to create that purple tint when caught in the right lighting. The lipstick really compliments pale skin and blonde hair, it subtly adds a bold colour to your make-up look meaning it doesn't over power your face, but it still has enough impact to really stand out. The great thing about this shade is that it works equally well for both day time and night time. It is subtle and complimentary enough to wear as an every day lipstick to university or work, but it is also bold and powerful enough to be pulled off at night time and add those subtle, sultry lavender tones to your evening wear look.

The lipstick is priced at £15.00, but lasts an incredibly long time. I'm sure most of you will have used M.A.C lipsticks at some point before, so you will know that they are excellent value for money. The lipsticks moisturise your lips leaving them feeling plump, and they have great staying power too, meaning you don't have to spend all day worrying about whether your lipstick is still in place or not. So if, like me, you want to go for a slightly darker purple lips look this season, but aren't quite brave enough to dive straight in, I suggest you use this as a "transition lipstick" like me, and gradually build yourself up to using darker shades!

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