Soap and Glory "Hand Food"

I love Soap and Glory as a brand... but it's difficult to say whether this love simply stems from my own personal love for pretty packaging (a box which the brand definitely tick in my eyes). Personally, I have never actually used any of their moisturising products before, but I do genuinely love their bath products and body sprays, so I thought that I would branch out and purchase their "hand food" hand cream that I have read so much about, and see for myself whether this lived up to the high standard of their bath products.

Priced at only £2.50 for a small bottle, or £5.00 for the full 125ml, I was very sceptical, as to some extent I do believe that price reflects quality, and this price seemed very low indeed! However, I was pleasantly surprised! Upon opening the product, I was greeted with a lovely fresh smell, not dissimilar to the smell of their "Mist you Madly" body spray. (ENTER MY GIVEAWAY HERE). The cream itself was quite thick and sticky to begin with, but once I began rubbing it into my skin it became incredibly smooth and sunk in quickly and with ease, instantly leaving my hands feeling smooth and hydrated. I am one of those people who manages to cut and bruise myself all the time. I suffer from anaemia, and wake up with scrapes and bruises all over me.. sometimes even the strong Manchester wind is enough to chap my skin and leave cuts on my hands! However, after just three days of using "Hand Food", these have significantly decreased, and the product even seems to have helped in reducing the scaring on my knuckles left by these scrapes!

The cream itself has a semi-thick texture that absorbs pretty quickly with no residue, which is great as waiting for these products to sink in usually leaves my hands feeling greasy and I get an overwhelming urge to wash my hands, meaning there wasn't really much point in applying the product in the first place! I apply it at night before bed, and again in the morning before I leave the house and I can honestly say I have never had such smooth hands in all my life! I am beyond happy with my purchase of this product, and cannot believe how good the value for money truly is! I cannot recommend this product enough, but if you're not quite persuaded yet, it is also almost always part of the Boots "3 for 2" offer, so you can just add it to your basket for no cost at all when you're next stocking up on your beauty products!

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