Rogue by Rihanna

Morning beautiful followers, and happy Valentines Day to you all, I hope you all have days filled with love and happiness! 

I know I've been doing lots of product reviews recently, but I couldn't resist sharing the new Rogue by Rihanna perfume with you! Before I start, lets all take a moment to appreciate how absolutely beautiful the actual bottle itself is! As we have all established by now, I absolutely love well designed packaging and this bottle is so decorative and original I would buy the perfume just for the bottle regardless of what it smelt like... but luckily for us all the smell is absolutely divine! For those of you who don't know, I am possibly the worlds fussiest perfume wearer- in fact I could probably list the perfumes I actually like the smell of on one hand. I HATE over powering smells, mumsy smells, flowery smells, but this sent is so alluring. It is a combination of subtle, musty and sexy undertones that are so addictive you literally want to sit and smell it all day long! After the initial hit has worn off, you're left with a "peachy" type smell, it seems fresh and more natural than lots of other perfumes on the market, which I feel leave a chemically "nail varnish remover-esque" smell behind once the initial burst has died down.

The perfume has only recently come out, and so is exclusively being sold in a small number of retailers (I got mine from Selfridges) and many of these are already sold out, so make sure you grab a bottle while you can. The product is available in 30ml, 75ml and 125ml, so you don't even have to commit to a large bottle, if you want to try this new scent for yourself but are reluctant to commit or fork out, I recommend buying the smaller 30ml bottle, and I can almost guarantee you'll be back for another in no time