My Room Decor

I am incredibly inspired by interior design and room decor, and since my bedroom at home and my bedroom at university have been styled in two completely different ways, I've decided to show you some of my favourite decorations from each (starting with my room in Manchester, and eventually showing you my room at home when I'm next back there!)

For my Manchester room, I wanted to go for a "vintage kitsch" homely feel, and so focused my colour scheme around power blue and baby pink, with a emphasis on mixing and matching different flowery and "shabby chic" patterns.

This theme is really easy to achieve, as there are so many fantastic companies who specialise in this style of decor- a personal favourite of mine being "Sass and Belle", however, much of my room is also available on the high street! (my bunting was £6 for urban outfitters!)

I would recommend providing continuity through a selection of a few similar colours, or a colour palate (e.g. pastels) If you simply miss match all colours as well as all patterns, the room may start to look cluttered and busy

As with many things, less is more. I personally think it's more effective to focus on a few feature decorations rather than to try and include everything at once. However, to stop your room looking bare and to personalise further, buy a number of miss matched photo frames to decorate your surfaces with!