Miss Selfridge Mirror Print Tunic

I'm wearing: Miss Selfridge Mirror Print Tunic; UK Size 4; £26

The majority of my wardrobe probably comes from Miss Selfridge- I think it's great when you find a shop that continuously makes and sells clothes that flatter your body and suits your style, and for me, Miss Selfridge is this store. Therefore I decided to share with you my most recent purchase! How lovely is the print on this tunic dress? It's bright, quirky, and the dress is so reasonably priced I really couldn't refuse! The dress itself is made mainly from polyester, with 6% elastane, meaning that it stretches, drapes well and is GREAT at skimming over parts of your body you'd rather not show off! 

Personally I have this awful habit of buying tonnes of clothes, wearing them once and never wearing them again, but I am happy to admit that I have already worn this dress twice so far, as part of two completely different looks- it's such a versatile dress you will definitely get your monies worth! The first time I wore it is pictured above- I teamed the dress with a pair of black heels, a statement necklace and bangle and wore on a night out with loosely curled hair. On the dresses second outing, I wore it with tights, flat ankle boots, and my Armani grey jacket, for a much more smart-casual day time look! In fact, the two looks were so different no body even noticed it was the same dress!

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