"Your blog is wonderful: to read about it your progress in posts bursting with honesty, warmth and determination is just astonishing. You have an excellent voice, and you have no idea how utterly inspiring your posts are. I've been feeling so down with weight loss/mental health at the moment but just reading a handful of your posts has cheered me right up. While our starting points may be on opposite ends of the spectrum I can relate to you on so many levels, and hearing someone else battling to succeed and refusing to give up helps more than you know. You've inspired me to push harder and keep going: I will not be defeated by a hideous voice in my head! Basically, thank you. Your blog has provided me with exactly what I needed to hear." - Emma Forth


"In the nine months I have trained with Amy, I have seen a young girl turn into a strong women. She has achieved so much through her training and I have seen her self confidence improve immensely. From a girl who never lifted a weight to a women who can deadlift 85kg; a women expecting a first class honours degree; a women with a blog which has now had four national award nominations. Amy Elizabeth has achieved so much with her blog and is now entering into the world of health and fitness offering you nutrition tips, lifestyle advice, workouts and fitness guides. Amy Elizabeth is truly becoming something special, all thanks to her incredible work ethic. She truly has a gift and a real passion" - Anthony Martin


"Amy, I just wanted to tell you that I find your blog so so inspiring! I have struggled with an eating disorder for the past 4 years that I am only just overcoming. I love your positivity and motivation. Your post on willpower has helped my outlook on things and your journey is extremely encouraging and makes me feel like a positive outcome is possible! Thank you." - Anon



"I owe Anthony Martin my life. Not only does he have the kindest heart of anyone I've ever met, but he truly dedicates 110% to his work and his passion is reflected in everything that he does. Ant took me under his wing at a time when I wasn't strong enough to fight my battles alone and he went above and beyond to help me achieve my goals. Over the space of six months he transformed not only my body, but my mind. He will find your limits and push you past them; he will exploit your weaknesses and make you face them; but most importantly he will help you become stronger physically and mentally; more than you ever believed you could be. He was there for me throughout and never lost faith in me even when I lost all faith in myself. Thank you."  - Amy Lyons


"I have been working with Ant for the last 12 months on and off, and he has constantly been there to support and motivate me to get back on to my fitness. I have seen incredible results due to this man, who will push you hard and to your limits so that you can see real tangible results. Working with Ant has always been interesting and he always has something new to suggest, whether that be diet or fitness exercises. I am looking forward to working with Ant closely in the future to reach my fitness/ health goals" - Josh Boot